It’s Just a bunch of Hocus Pocus….

It’s Just a bunch of Hocus Pocus….


Is it just me or is anyone incredibly excited for Halloween…. or the fact they are supposedly making a Hocus Pocus 2 with the original cast…

Bring on my birthday night out on Halloween so excited!

My New early birthday LindyBop Presents! <3

My New early birthday LindyBop Presents! <3

Hazel Black spot. 

i love this dress, currently my newest as is an early birthday present from my folks!. soon comfy and fits like a glove.


Adriei black leopard.

Another one that is going to be a fave of mine! i cannot wait to wear this one for work . ( Sad i know!)

Please feel free to comment and tell my if you have tried these lovely items or not yet .

Love Charley


**Please note this is just my views i am blogging about and LindyBop have nothing to do with this blog at all ❤ thanks**




Hello people of the world….

Just a short intro about me….

I love everything 50’s fashion….but i have my days were i do not look as glamorous.. I currently work for LindyBop, which i love and my ever growing wardrobe, love Tattoo’s , record collecting and a very wide range of music and other bits and bobs.

Always hear there and everywhere scouting and look for new beauty products , spending time with the friends and family and other half… road trips and days are my fave!.

I won’t ramble too much , i will be just blogging about anything and everything.